What is STUREN?

Sturen is an international network involving researchers, clinicians and students from Iceland, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Belgium. Sturen aims to be a permanent network with goals including:

  • Facilitating greater cooperation between clinicians and researchers working in and investigating stuttering by:
    • developing a common understanding of stuttering identification and measurement
    • developing a cross-linguistic tool for the identification and measurement of the moment of stuttering and the severity of stuttered speech
    • establishing a research database, including video samples of stuttered speech

  • Encouraging Nordic researchers and students to engage in research into stuttering with a focus on:
    • national and international research into the onset and development of stuttering and factors that may contribute to recovery or persistence of stuttering

  • Increasing interest in stuttering and stuttering research amongst Masters and PhD students by:
    • inviting students to participate in the network
    • creating a training database with video samples and measurement of stuttered speech across the Nordic languages

Click here for an update on our progress towards these aims.

The initial operating period of Sturen ran from October 2011-September 2014. During this time, the country representatives and participating students met together in person five times to participate in 2-3 day workshops/discussion and planning meetings. These meetings were supplemented by Skype conferences, email, telephone discussions and the use of a group intranet site.

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